Ban-Uden Crewing, Inc. was founded by Capt. Celso Banag, a European trained and practicing Master Mariner until he decided to put his knowledge and expertise back in the Philippines. Since he was a cadet in a European flagged vessel, he was already planning to help those deserving new graduates of Maritime Schools in the Philippines find their way into foreign principals who also share the vision and goal of developing World Class Filipino Officers and Crew. Ban-Uden Crewing, Inc. was born and established on the 19th January 2007 duly organized and recognized under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission to operate and engage in recruiting Filipino Seafarers and is licensed with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. It had been a dream and advocacy of Capt. Banag to help young and deserving countrymen and like him, crawl up with an improved social life and future, due to a profession at sea. Additionally, after working for so many years under European wages, he can now totally devote his time in screening and building up fresh graduates who can be developed into loyal and devoted Officers and crew in the near future. It is in this advocacy therefore that Ban-Uden Crewing stands uniquely apart from other Agencies in the Philippines.



“Our crew will be our most important asset and together, we will grow with our most important stakeholder, our Principals”

We aim to develop our own Officers from our screened and deservedly well trained crew who hand in hand with our Principals, we will develop into trustworthy and world class proficient and specialized crew through upgradings in our outsourced highly reputable and foreign accredited training centers. We will encourage and plan Career Development for all Officers and Crew irrespective of whether they started with us or those who will join us as we grow together with our Principals.


The mission of the company is to be the long term or permanent Agency of highly qualified and responsible Officers, Engineers and Crew. Moreover, it is also a mission to uplift the living standard of the Filipino family in general bearing in mind that mostly, if not all Filipino crew (Officers or Ratings) originated from poor families or the masses. These will be the Officers and Crew who will develop into loyal, flexible and never demanding ex crews of Ban-Uden Crewing.


It will be our objective to give specific briefings by ex crew to those who will be joining a vessel aiming that particular or specific problems in operation or in administration and documentation will be discussed as early as when the crew is planned or lined up to join a vessel. So that there will be an attraction from the ex crews to share or train, all Officers will be encouraged to take the 6.09 Trainors Training course and be dangled with attractive incentives whilst on leave and waiting to rejoin either the same vessel or another vessel of a particular principal. This is envisioned to lessen the adjustment period for new joiners and particular or specific problems would have already been discussed and solutions planned as early as when a crew is scheduled to join his vessel assignment.


It will be a standing policy of the company to help and motivate not only the standouts but all ex crews through trainings for specialized jobs onboard such as welding, machining and lathe operation, Cooking and Stewarding or other jobs which will not entail proficiency to become an Officer but as a special part of the crewing for a particular vessel. Moreover, by hiring the deserving relatives of our crew, we will be able to protect transfer to other agencies of trained and well performing crew due to higher wages or whatever reason. On a long term planning, it will be relatives who will replace ex crews and be trained just as how the predecessor may had been trained and nurtured by the company. We will however include in our PDOS and last briefing guidelines that as we stand in our policy to accept relatives, it will never be a question that those who will fail to live up to the required standard of our Principals and be negatively reported will have to go if just to protect the integrity of the pool of Officers and Crew of Ban-Uden Crewing, Inc.


Ban-Uden Crewing will be manned on the Top Management by Capt. Celso Banag as President and will be joined by Capt. Sigfredo Monterroyo, also a European trained Crew Superintendent, Senior Manager and Master Mariner (in actual command of various type and tonnage of vessels) since the 1980's, as the Managing Director. Additionally, the staff comprises well paid and experienced individuals trained and to be regularly upgraded for relevant trainings as required in specific jobs either in the Administration, Operation or the Accounting department of the company. Technical screening and final approval of crew will only be handled by the Top Management and those Engineers who will be on leave will be tapped to join the agency force while on leave not only to screen but to train or update in the mechanical, electrical and other engine operation aspect of those who will be lined up to join a vessel.


The reliability of our Officers and Crew will always be factored into how the company makes all crew feel that they are the assets and partners of the company and that the allotments and other emoluments of the crew will be paid on time. Ban-Uden Crewing had always been reliable in these aspects reason why retention had always been kept at between ninety to ninety five percent. Allotments meantime had for years been paid timely and religiously every month. It is therefore a company policy that while we, and our principals expects maximum performance from our crew, the company will also have to see to it that families are kept satisfied at all times through punctual remittance of allotments which will be paid in rates as directly given by the banking system when the payrolls will be prepared. Special trainings for the crew (those beyond minimum standard requirements of SCTW 2010 as amended) will be arranged either through soft loans or as paid for by the principal.

Quality Policy

Ban-Uden Crewing, Inc. provides quality service by supplying qualified and competent seafarers who will meet the standard set by the principal and is committed in achieving high standard recruitment and training processes. It affirms its commitment to the continual improvement of its crew and shore staff by providing upgrading trainings and development programs. It ensures quality services by encouraging teamwork, solidarity and active participation of its staff, seafarers and principals.

Ban-Uden Crewing, Inc. complies with International Standards under the framework of ISO 9001:2015 and MLC 2006 as well as the regulatory and statutory requirements of Local and International regulating bodies. All Officers and Crew will be checked and controlled to comply to the STCW minimum requirements (as amended 2010) and also ensure that all certificates are authentic.

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  • Ensure retention or rejoining of ex crew who will be specifically requested by the Principal.
  • That all Officers and Crew deployed are trained and certified per minimum STCW 2010 standards.
  • That crew deployment will be timely and cost effective as approved by the Principal.
  • That airfare if booked from Manila will have to be approved by the Principal
  • That Allotments be paid timely and in a fair and applicable exchange rate
  • That crew pool of Principals be protected in such a way that ex crew will only be lined up for a specific principal unless rejected or reported not for rehire for whatever reason.


  • That Allotments and/or Extra Alloments will be paid punctually and in an acceptable and fair exchange rate.
  • Timely and planned rejoining of Officers and crew as required by the Principal.
  • Proper and early coordination with the Principal so that crew will be able to know next assignment as early as when he reports from board to collect his final wages, leave pay or whatever extras not paid onboard when signed off
  • Approved extra wages beyond the approved wage scale must be documented as basis for payment either onboard or through Ban-Uden upon sign off.
  • Equitable and fair assessment of each relative of crew who will be accepted either as Cadet or Utility depending on the result of the final assessment of the candidate.
  • Fair and orderly queuing of relatives in the acceptance of Cadets or Utilities in preparation of being lined up for shipboard assignment.
  • Well planned and coordinated (with the crew and the Principal) upgradings and Career Development Record.
  • Promotion to next higher rank for all those who qualifies and been approved by the Principal.
  • Line up to be strictly first in/first out basis except for those specifically requested by the Principal.
  • Family care and outreach in cases of calamities or special needs of families of seafarers.


  • The company will soon be finalizing the arrangement for the Manning of at least 16 vessels from a known offshore company from the Middle East. These vessels will all be for offshore services and will either be fully or partially (only ratings) manned by Filipinos.
  • The present office of Ban-Uden will be extended to accommodate the expected additional crew to be serviced once the Mid Eastern Principal finally join the company.


  • Those at the helm are two known and respected Agency Managers who never had any negative record among Principals and/or especially in the Manning market in the Philippines.
  • Allotments (whether special or regular monthly) will always be paid punctually including leave pay and however much the unpaid portion of the final wages upon sign off.
  • Although we barely started full operations, both Masters at the helm had been in the Manning business for so many years and has therefore a base of available or on leave Officers and crew.
  • Officers and crew can be sure that relatives will be given priority for fair and correct screening and those who pass, will be assigned queue numbers which will strictly be followed as basis for eventual shipboard employment either as Cadets or Utilities.
  • Principals will be assured that Priorities for shipboard line up (of Cadets or Utilities/Trainees) will always be fully coordinated with the designated Manager (of a Principal) prior publishing or informing the family of the referring crew.